5-13 August, 2014


It was a mere 25 years ago that some musicians in the town of Szombathely became keenly interested in playing early music on authentic instruments. Local ensembles like Capella Savaria, the Early Music Ensemble of Szombathely or Capella Cantorum have given a great number of successful concerts where the audience had the opportunity the works of famous Renaissance and Baroque masters, and some time later, those of classic composers. At the same time, the town could boast of regularly organising (and supporting) different early music courses. During the past ten years, the events of the Szombathely Early Music Week (1993) and the Szombathely Early Music Summer Academy (1996-1998) attracted a large number of visitors. Since 2005, the event has been held under the title 'Early Music Summer Workshop'.

The lessons and practice sessions for instrumentalists and chamber musicians, and the various lectures delivered on interesting topics will offer a chance for all the participants to become more familiar with the genre they perform, to expand their knowledge on music aesthetics, authentic instrumental practice and rhetorical skills relevant to the Renaissance and Baroque period, and will also have ample opportunities to put this new knowledge into practice.

The professors

Baroque violin
Harpsichord, fortepiano, continuo
Viola da gama, baroque cello
Barocque flute
Chamber singing, Chamber choir
Barocque oboe, recorders (assistant)

The workshops will be held in Hungarian, English and German.
Modern instruments are also allowed on the course

Other programmes:
· Renaissance Dance House
· Hungarian Folk Dance House
· Gymnastics for instrumentalists - Dr. Királyné, Ildikó Pados
· Lectures

Students studying on musical departments may get credit points or scholarship for participating Savaria Early Music Workshop - according to the department's rules of studies - grounded on our special certification. Please ask your university about the possibilities and details!

Information for Participants

For the Early Music Summer Workshop, you can apply as an active or passive participant. Those with an active participation can take part in one or more courses. Besides their individual contact hours, they can also take part in the chamber music sessions guided by various professors. They will be able to visit any of the lessons held during the time of the course, all the events and programmes organised during the week, and will be entitled for all the benefits and discounts available for the participants of the workshop.

Passive participants will have the right to visit any of the lessons, lectures, concerts and other programmes. They will be allowed to take part in the dance house programmes and will be entitled for all the benefits and discounts available for participants of the workshop.

We will also issue 'active day tickets' in a limited number (depending on the schedule of the professors). The ticket-holders will be allowed to have one instrumental lesson, and will be able to take part in all the events and programmes on that particular day without the benefits and discounts available for the participants of the workshop.

A passive day ticket will guarantee the same rights as provided for passive participant of the course but without the benefits and discounts.

Applications become valid upon sending the application form via email or post, and upon successful transfer of the application fee to the bank account of Tinódi Foundation.

Chamber groups have colletive lessons (as many as the active participants have). The members of the group are allowed to visit other lessons as passive participants. The group needs to pay one course fee (93 €), and application fee after all the members (47 € for each).

In case of withdrawal, the transferred application fee shall not be refunded. The courses will be run on condition that a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 12 active participants apply. In case of too many applicants, the order of the application is authoritative.
Deadline for applications: 30 June, 2014

Application fee: 47 €
Active participants: 93 €
Passive participants: 50 €

Accommodation in a hostel: 6 €

Breakfast: 1,5 €
Dinner: 4 €
Lunch: 2,5 €

We invite you everyone to join the course either as an active or as a passive participant to play music together in friendly and inspiring atmosphere. The organisers welcome all visitors to the concerts given by the teachers and the students of the summer course.




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Phone: +36 20 36 222 77


Foundation for Art and Community Culture
National Trust of Monuments for Hungary

Pannonia Restaurant
Iseum Savariense
Capella Savaria
Savaria Museum
Smidt Museum
Secondary School of Arts, Szombathely
Béla Bartók Music School, Szombathely